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Infinity Classic™ I206S (Left) & I212S (Custom, Right)
Infinity Classic™ I306S
Infinity Classic™ I102C
Infinity Classic™ I206C
Infinity Classic™ I116C
Infinity Classic™ I116C
Infinity Classic™ I308S
Infinity Classic™ I208S
Infinity Classic™ I206S
Infinity Classic™ I206S
Infinity Classic™ I206C
Infinity Classic™ I006S
Infinity Classic™ I100C
Infinity Classic™ I204S
Infinity Classic™ I209S

Northwest Door has combined the elegance of a wooden carriage house style door with the latest manufacturing technology to create the new all-aluminum Infinity Classic™. Infinity Classic’s weather resistant durability is unsurpassed and with proper maintenance will virtually last the life of your home with “Everlasting Elegance”. Infinity Classic’s wood grain powder coated finishes look so lifelike you can’t believe they’re not real wood.

General Information

  • Frame: 2″ thick extruded aluminum 6063-T5
  • Section Joints: Tongue and Groove Joints with compressible foam gasket between sections
  • Top & Bottom Rail widths: 5-7/8″
  • Meeting Rail width combined: 4-3/16″
  • End Stile width: 5-7/8″,
  • Center Stile width: 7-3/4″, 3-1/4″
  • Mullions: 1-1/2″
  • Panels: 1/4″, aluminum both sides with laminated polyvinyl honeycomb core
  • Panels: 1″, aluminum both sides with laminated polyvinyl and polystyrene core
  • Glass: Clear 1/8″ tempered glass standard
  • Arches: Standard radius for doors up to 10′ wide door are 15′-0″ radius, those over 10′ wide are a single 58′-0″ radius or two 15′-0″ radius arches (double arches)
  • Bottom weather seal: U-shape loop type vinyl
  • Finishes: White polycron III finish, 8 wood grain powder coat finishes available
STANDARD WIDTHS: 8′-0″ 9′-0″ 10′-0″ 16′-0″ 18′-0″ 20′-0″
STANDARD HEIGHTS: 7′-0″ 8′-0″ 9′-0″ 10′-0″ 12′-0″ 14′-0″


15″ or 20″ radius torsion hardware; track is 2″ bracket mounted. Quiet long life nylon rollers, non corrosive door fixtures and graduated hinges are standard. U-shaped galvanized struts are supplied with every double car door to keep the door rigid.

Recommended Options

Extended Life

  • 25,000 Cycle Torsion Springs
  • Heavy Gauge Hinges
  • Heavy Duty Cables

Powder Coated Hardware 

LiftMaster Model 8587W Opener

Other Options

  • Deco Kit B
  • Single Pane and Insulated Glass Options
  • Low Clearance, High Lift, or Vertical Lift Hardware
  • White Nylon Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Angle Mounted Track
  • Double End Hinges and Long Stem Rollers
  • 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 Cycle Torsion Springs


* The actual color may slightly vary from what you are seeing, depending on the color calibration of your computer monitor.

Available Colors

* The actual color may slightly vary from what you are seeing, depending on the color calibration of your computer monitor.



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